long live!!

in case you wanted to be part of our last jam. this is right before we took coco to the MTC. my musical talent is sub-par. but coco is fabulous.


super cool title right?
it's just that i have no words to adequately give this last week a title

1 week ago we moved my sister into her new house. it feels like a month ago but yesterday at the same time. it makes no sense. it was sort of bittersweet moving them. bitter in the fact that they are no longer 30 seconds away. sweet in the fact that its a brand new house. Der.

4 days later this happened.

 my amazing little sis is going to be a missionary and the people of Nashville don't even know how lucky they are to have her. coco.. you will do great things. (baha you know what i mean) seriously though.

now.. i need to explain my over-the-top freak out in that video. a week or so after she turned in her papers i was thinking about where she would go. i kept thinking tennessee. and even cracked a few jokes by saying things like:
 coco, i bet you go to nashville cause you're the only ten i see.
the longer i thought about tennessee the more it seemed to fit her. also why not go to a place that you could potentially convert taylor swift. (side note: i presumptuously took a screenshot of this conversation on wednesday morning knowing i was going to be gloating. win.)

also about 5 minutes before she opened it i told my uncle it would be the perfect place for her. she wouldn't have to be sad about leaving her guitar at home. chances are a lot of people will have them.

well that should be enough gloating. love you bean. you will seriously be amazing and i'm so proud of you. thanks for always being an incredible sister and best friend to me. i hope its a fast 18 months!

less than 24 hours from when that video was taken this happened..

ash was having contractions all wednesday so we were hoping it would happen soon. 16 hours after coco opened her call this gorgeous bundle of joy was born. i don't know why we are so blessed this week but i am so grateful. 

since ash and kyle were preoccupied at the hospital i got to hang out with my 2 favorite boys most of thursday and all day friday. these 2 little guys make me so happy.
they were as excited as i was to meet their new little sister. we were having a hard time staying out of trouble waiting for the time to pass. so naturally we built a fort and had a picnic inside.

when we got home from preschool on friday buddy had toilet papered the christmas tree. the boys were pretty shocked buddy was able to find them and that he made such a mess. love them!!

 by the time friday night rolled around we were all pretty exhausted from such an emotional week. some of us fell asleep in the car and drooled on our coats. some of us pretended to fall asleep in the car so we could be carried in. (yes i got punked by a 5 year old. well played little man) and...  some of us cried out of the blue due to happiness, sleep deprivation, or pms. i guess we will never know. all i know is that it will be hard to top this week. i'm seriously so grateful.

i want to tell you a story.

my life is full of obscure pictures and one liners stolen from a taylor swift song. because of that fact.. my blog it dying. instagram and facebook are becoming go to's. it seems to suit me better considering my fondness of sharing with only a vague explanation. however, a time arises when i feel like something should be shared with a little more explanation.

exhibit A

 i know. you're confused.

friday was the beginning.
the weekend was starting and we were excited. we planned out our retail assault of fashion place mall. everything was going according to plan until we hit traffic. however, that's where the fun started. we got talking and cooking up future plans(that's a story in itself). those plans resulted in a pit stop at deseret industries where coco found the t-shirt pictured above. its not what we were looking for but we couldnt stop laughing and we were really really really really confused. naturally we bought it. today, two days later, it finally makes sense. as you know once a month us girls become subject to lower stomach pain/cramping. coco came up to me and said this shirt accurately describes the way her uterus feels. i still can't stop laughing. thats not where you thought the story was going but look at the shirt again.
its true.
still laughing.

lazy hazy crazy days of summer

i've been summoned to the blogging world.

my blog has become boring. don't worry i'm bored with it too. obviously. but.. since i've been summoned and the fact that its 12:51 in the afternoon and i'm watching pride and prejudice for the 2nd time today(no shame).. i will blog.

if you look at my last post you will see the magnificent bucket list we made. it was a good thought. the problem is summer should never have an agenda. and as of now i will say its been the best summer that i can remember...

i golf. as much as possible. so far this year the club has only slipped out of my hands 1 time. putting 1 other person at risk. i've since invested in a golf glove. for everyone's safety of course. and because it makes me look like a better golfer. its a work it progress but i quite enjoy it.

such a sad day when lilian moved. some of my favorite summer memories are with lil. but she is onto bigger and better things. she's all grown up. miss you lils.

family fishing trips. the funniest part is trying to get little bennett to touch the fish. that kid gets the pwillys over everything. family is my favorite.

the majority of my summer has been spent working golfing and playing the guitar. you'd think i'd be really good. but don't be fooled. although if you like tswift you'd enjoy jamming with us.

summer faves. madagascar 3. and katy perry
madagascar was the best midnight movie i have ever been to. there was our group of 9. and 4 other people in the theather. in case you weren't aware.. its imossible for me to stay awake at night while watching movies. obvioulsy midnight movies pose a problem. i found myself nodding off until firework started playing. suddenly a full on katy perry dance party broke out during the movie. amazing.

one of my favorite times of the year.
strawberries and cream.
parade. carni. rodeo.

4th of july.
has to be my favorite holiday other than christmas. fireworks BBQ's family. its always a good day.

this makes me laugh so hard every time i look at it. we got a cat from a little girl with a sign that sat free kittens. at first we named him derek. then we named him sloan. then he got named oliver. and now i'm pretty sure its rellabella. poor kitten is probably so confused. this is bennett giving kisses. apparently we need to have a talk about making out.

this is funny cause its us. 
crazy stupid love.

good times with friends. its gonna be an excellent summer.
i'll try to update more often so you're not bombarded. 
that's a rrrappp